Bier Halle, Glasgow.

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So on Monday I had the pleasure of going to Glasgow with my good friend Sarah.  I unfortunately don’t go to Glasgow as much as I’d like too so when she asked me if I wanted to come I jumped at the chance. I pretty much said “yeah I’m supposed to be in college but who cares eh?” We headed through for roughly 12 O’clock with no real plan in mind for the day ahead. The weather wasn’t the nicest with a wee bit of drizzle at the start of the day but it was still really humid, we actually started to break a sweat walking around trying to find some of Sarah’s friends. Apparently we don’t have the best knowledge of the streets and places in Glasgow…

Anyway after a good few hours of wandering around some shops it sort of just hit us that we were both insanely hungry. Walking down Buchanan Street there is no shortage of places to go to get food, with every adjoining street just offering more and more places to go. We finally narrowed it down to T.G.I. Fridays and the Bier Halle literally across the street from each other (Actually on Gordon Street, but shh). I’ve personally not been to T.G.I’s in years so I was originally verging towards there but after realising that it would probably be a lot more expensive and that it is always 2 for 1 on every pizza at the Bier Halle our decision was instantly made.

So with our mutual love for pizza we headed down the dodgy looking staircase to be greeted by a really modern looking interior, completely opposite to what you would expect. It was quite dark when you got inside but it was nicely light by the hanging metal lights above every table. All of the tables and chairs were made from big blocks of wood which really gave the place a really rustic feel. It sort of made you forget about the hustle and bustle of the street outside. One of the best things about the place was that there were no noisy kids or annoying teens as it was strictly over 18’s, well it is a beer hall after all.

Speaking of it being a beer hall it probably has the biggest selection of beers in any pub or restaurant in Glasgow. With over 100 beers to choose from you really are spoiled for choice with what to order. We decided just to ask the waitress what she would recommend and we ended up with this lovely Italian beer called Menabrea. It was only £3.95 for a 330ml bottle which you can’t really complain about, well not in Glasgow anyway as that’s a pretty average price for a bottle of beer.

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So pizza was the main reason for us to choosing this place and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It’s 2 for 1 on all pizza’s seven days a week so we never expected it to be that good, but trust me. They were amazing.  There were roughly twenty pizzas’ to choose from ranging from the basic Margarita to the obscure Stornoway Black Pudding & Free Range Egg. None of the pizzas cost over £14 which is a really great deal considering you are actually getting two for that price. I personally went for the Tandoori Chicken with Sarah going for the BBQ Pulled Pork. We must have only been sitting waiting around fifteen minutes, twenty at most waiting for them to arrive. But immersed in conversation and good beer it felt like no time had passed at all.

They both turned up on wooden pizza tray platter things which really went well with the rustic look of the place. The pizzas themselves though were just how I liked them; they had really thin, really crispy crusts. As for the toppings there was just enough, not so little that you could hardly taste them and not too much for it to be over powering and too sickening to eat. These pizzas were extremely filling and after eating about half we both started to struggle, I managed to only leave once slice which after getting home I started to regret. Sarah on the other hand had to leave two slices *shakes head in disappointment*.Both the beer and the pizza complimented each other perfectly and it simply was a fantastic meal.

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All in all I couldn’t have expected anymore. This was the first time ever visiting the Bier Halle after walking past it countless times throughout the years and it totally threw my expectations out the window. It just wasn’t what I was expecting at all, it was a lot nicer and a lot cheaper than I expected. I’d highly recommend stopping by if you are ever in Glasgow, I would really like to go back myself and try some of the other beers that they have to offer not to mention the pizzas.

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