Wait, it’s March Already? A Little Update.

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What happened, where has the time gone? As usual the start of the year is flying in and before we know it we will be in the warm sunny summer months. Where we take the little things for granted, like not wearing a jacket when you leave the house, you know that sort of thing. After a solid month of blogging twice a week in January to barley a peep out of me in February I thought it was time there was a little update.

So what happened? I am not going to lie when I say that I am disappointed with myself. I felt as though I had finally gotten back into the rhythm of things. Posting twice a week with what I felt was great content that I was proud to put out there. But sadly there is always going to be that inevitable battle of quality over quantity.

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -23

February has been a busy month, but unfortunately just not on the blogging front. When I haven’t been at work I have been pulling together a portfolio. If you check my blog recently you might have seen it pop up. If not you can view it here. This was a much bigger task than it may seem but I am finally happy with the outcome. All my efforts had to be put on hold for blogging; my hard work built up throughout January was right out the window. But then again I feel as though I was being a bit ambitious, from rarely posting back to posting twice a week. It was such a contrast I just couldn’t keep up with myself.

Hopefully in the coming weeks my content starts to flow at a steady pace. Although I can’t promise that at the moment, I can say that there will be some exciting content coming out. My February photo challenge posts will be coming out every Tuesday, Starting on the 8th! I had a lot of fun doing this; I can’t wait for you guys to check out the end results.


thatmckWait, it’s March Already? A Little Update.