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Date Night – Hillhead Bookclub, Glasgow.

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Last week, to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday I thought it would only be right to treat her to dinner and drinks. Hillhead Bookclub in the West End of Glasgow was the bar/restaurant of choice. If I was a true gentleman I should have probably let her pick where she wanted to go but I know if I had done that she would probably still be trying to pick.

Hillhead Bookclub is just a few minutes walk from Hillhead Subway station, (who would have guessed it?) and Is right next to Ashton Lane, one of my favourite spots in the West End. Neither of us had ever been to the Bookclub, but we both had heard good things about it.

As soon as you walk in you feel this warmth. It was like walking into your grandparent’s living room, just much bigger and without the smell. The aesthetic of the place is sort of an odd mix of rustic and vintage, a fitting combination in my eyes. Even down to the mismatched crockery and tea towels for napkins, which was a personal favourite of mine.

The service was quick but not so quick as though you felt like you were getting rushed and hassled constantly, we were enjoying chatting away anyway. We both ended up having “Bookclub Burgers” not the best burger I have ever had but it was up there at least, the fries that came on the side were thick and just as delicious. With everything on the menu under a tenner you really cant complain.

Hillhead BookclubHillhead Bookclub Hillhead Bookclub
By the time the food came we were pretty hungry and tucked straight in. I completely forgot to grab a photo of them when they arrived. Then again none of the photos I actually got of the night turned out, I was using my Olympus Trip 35 and I am still getting to grips with it; trying to push its limits and see what it is capable of in lowlight while trying to get photos for the post wasn’t the wisest of ideas. The photos in the post are the ones I actually got of the night but sorry no food photos, or even any real photos of Hillhead Bookclub, dark blurry photos of the lights outside will have to do.

Overall Hillhead Bookclub had a great atmosphere, even for it being the middle of the week when we went. It has great food and is reasonably priced so if you are in the West End of Glasgow and looking for a slightly alternative place to eat or drink I would suggest you check it out.


thatmckDate Night – Hillhead Bookclub, Glasgow.