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So for the past few months I have wanted to pick up a new pair of glasses. I have gone through countless pairs in recent years, it’s not because I don’t like them or that I hate wearing them it’s just that I simply get bored of them. It is just like getting bored of that jacket you wear all the time or that pair of shoes, it just becomes tedious.

I came across the website Glasses Direct and I thought I would be as well trying it out. I never have the time to just go into shops and have a browse and when I do I always feel pressured into getting something and leave unsatisfied. They have a great selection of glasses on their site, ranging from their Designer section to the Boutique section filled with the bigger brands such as Ray Ban and Polo.


There seems to be countless offers on all the time, at the time I ordered there was a “4 for 1” deal on. This was getting half priced frames, a free second pair, free postage and 40% of lenses. I originally picked out this pair of frames from London Retro “Mason”. They are more of a round/oval shape that I particularly love with a hint of dark turtle shell. I have known for months I wanted glasses this shape and I couldn’t be happier with them. They don’t feel flimsy at all and they fit my face extremely well.


Since I was getting a second set of frames for free I thought it would be best to go for a different shape. Again going for the London Retro brand I picked up this pair called “Highgate”. They are a lot squarer in comparison. Although I have been completely won over by the round frames it is always good to own a spare pair. It gives me a chance to swap them out if I ever grow tired of them.

Overall I am really impressed with Glasses Direct, especially after placing my order on a Friday and by the following Wednesday I had them in my hands, well on my face but you get what I mean. I would highly recommend checking them out if you are looking for a new pair of Glasses. If you are thinking of getting yourself a set of frames you can get an extra £30 of if you click here. What do you think about my new glasses?

Check out Glasses Direct on TwitterFacebook or by just having a browse on there site.


thatmckReview: Glasses Direct
  • Really nice glasses. I think they really suits you. I wouldn’t dare to order glasses on the internet. This is something I really need to try to see if it’s ok or not before buying.

    xx, Renaud |

    • One of the great things about Glasses Direct is that you get a 7 Day free home trial, you can pick up to four sets of frames so you can try them on and see how they feel! I am too impatient for that though so i just jumped into the deep and picked the pairs i liked.