What’s WithTthe Old Skool Vans?

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I often find myself being caught up in finding what works for me and sticking with it. A good way of putting this into perspective is by looking down at my feet. Not actually at my feet but more importantly what’s on them. More often than not if you were to see me outside in the street I would be wearing a pair of converse. This works for me. They are comfy but not only that I feel myself in them. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing but after a while it starts to get a bit boring. With my converse becoming tatty and dirty, after only 6 months I decided it was time to invest in a new pair of shoes.

Although 90% of the time I am wearing converse I do own a heap of other shoes but I just dislike wearing them. So when it comes to buying new shoes I may really like what I buy but I will always revert to my converse. So when it was time to buy a new pair of shoes I have settled for this pair of Old Skool vans. The design is timeless and they are just classic shoes. I wanted something I am going to feel comfortable in day in and day out and I know these will do me well and hopefully last me the rest of the year.

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thatmckWhat’s WithTthe Old Skool Vans?