December Favourites.

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I’ve been picking up a few bits and pieces over the last few weeks so I thought I would show you a few of my favourites. I’ve been trying not to spend all my money on clothes recently as a new laptop has been screaming my name. Clearly saving is not one of my strong points, especially when there have been so many good sales on recently.

I threw together this outfit consisting of three of my favourites. I’m wearing my Abandon Ship Apparel Tartan Oxford Shirt with their Essential white t-shirt for a layered effect with extra warmth. I picked the shirt up a few weeks ago in one of their sales. I’ve had my eye on it for a while now and when it was featured in the sale I couldn’t not pick it up. It’s got a brilliant fit and feel too it just like the rest of their products. I decided to pair it with an ASA essential tee as I’ve found them to be the best fitting t-shirts out there. I have been wearing them for most of the year and the name couldn’t be more right they really are essential.

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All winter I have wanted to pick up a new jacket. I’ve needed something warm and smart, my parka was no longer cutting it. It must have only been around September when I noticed this Navy Wool Trench Coat in Topman. After several friends saying I would look ridiculous in it I sort of just forgot about it, until last week. Yet again I saw this in the sale and I couldn’t resist getting it. I had doubts myself when I actually ordered it thinking I was going to look ridiculous. I was pleasantly surprised with it though. I feel like it ties in with my style perfect, whatever that may be. It’s extremely warm and comfortable and I would highly recommend getting one.

Everybody needs a pair of converse. Unfortunately for me if my current pair had anymore holes I think you’d need to class them as sandals. With the weather lately I didn’t want wet feet so I grabbed another pair. I literally just got another pair the exact same, just plain old White High top Converse. In my eyes you can’t go wrong with them. They go with everything and they are extremely comfortable. If you don’t own a pair of converse you should definitely add some to your collection.

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I have a few other bits and pieces that I think are worth a mention. I somehow managed to break my earphones while I was at work one day. I don’t even know how it happened but it did and it was one of the longest mornings at work I’ve ever had. At lunch I rang along to Princess Street and picked up this pair, The House of Marley Smile Jamaica Earphones. I really wasn’t looking for any expensive so I just grabbed these. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound and the quality of them though. For being relatively cheap they have a really good bassy sound to them. They are Noise Isolation ear buds as well which really does help when I’m at work.

Lastly as you may know I have been getting into reading. I was looking for something to read after finishing up The Martian and I came across this, Ready Player One. It’s Science Fiction and based not so far into the future. I literally couldn’t put this book down. I’m really not a big reader but I read this every chance I got and I just loved it. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but I did and it turned out to be a nice treat.

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