ASC – Nomadic Apparel Designed For Those Who Ride.

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A few weeks ago I got an email from ASC apparel asking if I would like to check them out and get to know them a bit better. At first I was a bit hesitant, after all I am definitely not a fashion blogger and probably never will be. ASC Apparel seems to blur the lines between streetwear and practical pieces. With a tagline like “Nomadic Apparel Designed For Those Who Ride” I was curious to see what sort of items they had and what the quality of them would be.

After a quick bit of research some of their products seemed to be a bit out there for me. Featuring large front prints and vibrant colours. Two things I have been veering away from recently. Although I was really drawn to some of their simpler designs like their plaid riding shirts, or their t-shirts featuring subtler branding. The guys over at ASC sent over to me their Grape Marl Pocket tee to check out. It’s a slim fit tee, with minimal branding featuring a small ASC Shield print on the pocket. What makes it stand out is something the average person wont see, it’s the vibrant blue neck print. Not a combination I would have imagined working well but it does.

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Overall it’s a really clean simple tee, it would be easy to place in any wardrobe. It is incredibly soft too and really comfortable to wear. With the colder weather upon us I can see myself layering this up with a flannel shirt, Or I might even keep it tucked away for the warmer weather next year, who knows.

So many streetwear brands come and go. They don’t really get it and it is clear they are just in it for the money. I can tell that ASC Apparel really isn’t one of those brands. You just have to look at their attention to detail to tell. Despite the fact I am not entirely into their “stupid” branding and designs I do really like where the “ASC” ones are going. They really have potential and I look forward to seeing what comes next for them.

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Make sure to check out ASC Apparel  out and follow their TwitterInstagram and Facebook pages for more information and a better look at their clothing.

This was a sponsored post, however all opinions mentioned are entirely my own. Thanks again to ASC Apparel for sending me one of their t-shirts to feature and review. If you have any PR Enquiries please send an email via my contact page.





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