Police Scotland approached me to come up with a design rationale for their Rape Prevention Campaign. I was tasked with coming up with various "Mythbuster" styled graphics as well as key messaged that they wanted to portray. The main challenge with these was to keep them consistent but different but still engaging to a young audience.

On the left you can see my first concept design. I initially had free reign to design it however I see fit. I designed these in Adobe illustrator and used stock images to get the deserved look and feel. After sending these off I was asked to use media from the “we can stop it” campaign to make it tie in a better. Another suggestion was to add the “Myth” box, as it could be misleading otherwise. These edits can be seen on the right.
After the five “Mythbuster” graphics there were another five key message graphics to make. Again I had free reign, I had to go with what I thought worked well for a younger audience. The screenshot below illustrates my thought process and the development of the design before the final signed off graphics. The final graphics can be seen below.
thatmck03.2 Police Scotland – Rape Prevention Campaign.